The 4 Types Of Social Media Content For Real Estate


Content is the backbone of social media for real estate and it can make or break your account’s success. Do it right and you’ll establish yourself as the go-to authority. Do it wrong and you’ll just annoy people. So what do you do? You need to share a balanced mix of content which I’m going to show you.

Don’t make this mistake.

Most agents blast how great they are, sharing nothing but listings and testimonials and expecting sellers to line up for them. This doesn’t work. People go on social media to be entertained not to see ads! Don't just brag — you need to establish yourself as an authority while also creating a personal relationship with fans. Here are the 4 types of content you need…

• Credibility content to show you’re in demand.

• Authority content to show you’re an expert.

• Likability content to build a personal relationship.

• Promotional content to generate new business.

content marketing for real estate

People don’t go on social media to see ads, they want to be entertained.


1. Credibility content.


Obviously this is a large part of your content. The key is to get creative and mix it up. You can share sneak peeks of listings that are coming soon, galleries and videos of your homes for sale and open homes etc.

Sold Posts.

Recently sold homes and success stories. But please put effort in and don’t just say ‘SOLD. CALL ME.’ That’s boring. Say what happened! Take a fun photo jumping in front of the sold sign or with your clients. Share statistics about the campaign, what you did for marketing, even create a recap video!

case studies.

Similar to sold posts is sharing case studies of what happened. The cool thing about these is that you can re-share a case study even if the sale wasn’t recent, just so you can keep your content consistent.

Weekly Updates.

This is easy, powerful and very few agents do it. Once a week, share what you’re up to! Maybe 3 properties went under contract, maybe your social media campaign reached 20,000 people or you’re working on a new project. Whatever it is… share what you’re doing! It baffles me how much great information and insights agents have that they just don’t share online.

Awards + achievements.

These won’t come up quite as often but they are a great way to establish credibility. When you win an award or achieve a record-breaking price, share it! It’s also a good idea to pin this to the top of your Facebook page and make them prominent in your social media bios so people can see it easily.

Auction reminders + live streams.

This is kinda self explanatory… auction live streams are the bomb! And just so your arm doesn’t fall off, get a tripod :P


Use social media to broadcast what you’re already doing.


2. Authority content.

Educational how-to content.

Along with property updates, this should take up the largest amount of your content. You need to constantly add value and share expert advice to help your clients solve their problems. Think of your marketing as one big FAQ. There’s a hundred different ways to deliver the advice, just pick your fav!

Market update + industry news.

This is another big one. Trends comes and go, but homeowners will always want to know what’s going on in the market, and what’s working right now. At least once a month I would do a market wrap-up video. The key is to share data but also how it affects your clients (not just random numbers).

In-the-moment advice

This is one of my favourite things to do on Instagram Stories. It adds value and it’s easy to do because you’re just share what you’re already doing. For example if you just did an appraisal, what did you tell the client? Share that. Basically you just want to share advice as you do it.

Design Inspiration

Who doesn’t love a beautiful photo? Homeowners are always looking for inspiration so they can upgrade their home and create the lifestyle they want. People always love to see a gorgeous kitchen, bathroom, artwork… you get the point. The key is to share photos that look nice but also give advice about how the reader can apply it or use it in their home.


Teaming up with other similar businesses (like builders, architects, home stylists, mortgage brokers etc.) is a great way to add value with expert advice, and build both of your audiences. Ask them questions that homeowners want to know and either shoot a video or do a live stream.


Behind the scenes posts are a great way to build relationships and show you’re in demand.


3. Likability content.

Behind the scenes.

BTS photos + videos are a great way to build a relationship and show you’re in demand. It’s unique, it’s not generic and it shows you’re busy. Either take pics yourself or get your PA to take photos while you’re just doing what you normally do. In the office, at open homes, planning renovations… anything!

Fun stuff.

Have some fun and show your personality. Things like selfies, pets and light hearted stuff. For example one of our clients Darcy Lord, when it was his birthday his team gift wrapped his entire desk. Fun stuff like that is great!

Photos with people

This literally works better than anything else. Take photos with other people in it — whether it’s your clients, your team, locals, family etc. It works! People don’t just want to follow a real estate agent, they want to follow you.


People love to know what’s going on in the community (like events and infrastructure upgrades) and great places to check out (new cafes, bars, restaurants etc). It also shows you’re very familiar with the area, which is a critical part of selling yourself as a local real estate agent!

Personal stories + opinions.

Share your opinions on trending events, what’s happening in the market or maybe just an idea you’ve had. Instagram Stories are the perfect place.

Motivational quotes.

Who doesn’t love a bit of inspiration? They get you right in the feels. People love quotes — there’s literally pages that only do this and they are viral.

Profile videos.

This won’t get shared all the time, but having a professionally created profile video does a lot for your image. You can re-share it from time to time, and even create shorter snippets to share as bite-sized content.

Random links.

This one is pretty self explanatory. This is where you can share interesting links or viral videos like house made of lego, the ultimate man cave or a New York apartment that costs $68,000,000. It doesn’t always have to be real estate related, just something that your audience would be entertained by.


Trends comes and go, but homeowners will always want to know what’s going on in the market,


4. Promotional content.

TestimonialsAppraisalProperty ReportOffers


A very important part of your marketing strategy, obviously. The problem is that for most agents this is the only thing they share. When you share a testimonial make it warm and fuzzy to show that you genuinely care about your clients. (Oh and create some nice artwork on Canva, don’t just share a boring link to Rate My Agent).


It’s okay to straight up ask for the business! You never know — somebody may have been following you for months and the timing is right.

Property Reports

These are great for generating leads and also for running paid ads. Ask them to enter their information to receive an accurate report that they wouldn’t usually have access to (e.g through RP Data).

Market Report

These are also great for advertising and building your database. If your agency has a sexy PDF of what’s going on in the area you can have a lead capture page to collect their email or subscribe via messenger. Ideally you want an automated follow up sequence that encourages them to contact you. (Learn more about sales and marketing funnels here).


These are a great way to reach your local market. Pick a prize that’s worth $100 or more (often a good idea to make it themed around events like Christmas etc) and make simple entry terms (e.g ‘like and share to enter'). DON’T ask them to do too much or it won’t work. These competitions go off, boost it fo $50 and you’re going to reach 3000+ locals with ease!

. . .

Integrate all 4 types of content into your marketing and you’ll be leading the way when it comes to real estate in your area. If you’d like to learn more about social media for real estate, get our free cheat sheet below! And if you’d like a hand with your marketing, get in touch with our friendly team.

Mitch Hills @masteredmarketing