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Take your profile to a new level.

Get access to a high-leverage marketing system to make you the most dominant online presence in your local area, explode your brand and generate more leads. Stay in front of local homeowners every single day, 365 days a year with relevant and useful content. What sort of opportunities could that open up? Hint… a lot!


So here’s the problem…

✕ You’re an awesome agent, but not enough people know about you.

✕ Your marketing comes and goes with no consistency or system.

✕ You want to be selling homes, not wasting time on marketing.

✕ You have direct competitors that are more active than you online.

✕ You know how important marketing is but it just never seems to get done.

✕ You want tangible results, not just pretty photos and generic content.

✕ The more you research social media, the more confusing it gets.

There is another reality…

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What if instead…

  • You were the #1 agent online and the obvious choice for homeowners.

  • Your marketing had clock-work consistency that crushed the competition.

  • You were in front of prospects 365 days a year with relevant content.

  • You had a highly leveraged marketing system and more time to sell houses.

  • You had a strategy that never gets stale + isn’t affected by algorithms.

  • You had more social engagement, followers and customer loyalty.

  • You had world-class marketing that’s better than 95% of other agents.

What would that do for your business?



Mastered Marketing.

We were fed up choosing between cheap marketing that sucks, and marketing that costs a fortune. We created the solution — and you can use it. A proven system for agents who want to explode their online presence, get more clients and become the #1 agent online. The ultimate shortcut with everything you need to plan and grow your social presence, so you have more time to focus on selling.

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Our 6 Step Model


social media for real estate strategy


A dynamic strategy that works, regardless of what platform you use or what happens to the algorithms.

social media for real estate  plan


Streamlining your marketing with a healthy mix of content to position as a credible, likeable expert.

social media for real estate  create


Creating authority-building content, videos, artwork and blogs that looks visually amazing.

social media for real estate share


Crafting engaging, relationship-building captions to connect with your fans, at the best time each day.

social media for real estate promote


Promoting content and listings with Facebook & Instagram ads to explode your reach.

social media for real estate review


 Cut through the noise to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, with plain English reports.


What Makes Us Different?

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social media for real estate innovation


Marketing changes daily. Every month we review trends and strategies to make sure your marketing outperforms competition and never gets stale.

social media for real estate  experience


We’ve been doing this for years, and have run a lot of campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us do the hard work for you.

social media for real estate simplicity


There’s a lot of marketing companies out there offering everything to everybody. We specialise in real estate and frankly — we’re the best at it.

social media for real estate model


We practice what we preach. We implement our strategies and advice in our own business, so we personally invested in the results.

social media for real estate


Marketing ‘experts’ often overpromise and underdeliver. We hate that. We’ll help you with strategies that work with realistic expectations.



Our product is better than the competition, cheaper than the competition (American Gangster style). Our agency friends tell us we offer too much!


What you get…


Social media page management.


Ads management (content + listings)


Monthly content planning.


Post creation and scheduling.


Social media artwork creation.


Blogging + article creation.


Content recycling (videos → blogs etc).


Monthly reporting.

All this and then some. This is everything you need to succeed online for real estate.

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If we don’t achieve your marketing goals or there’s ever anything you’re unhappy with, we’ll work for free until it’s fixed or you can cancel any time. Even if you see a competitor doing something we aren’t, we’ll execute it without charging extra. We are committed to hitting your goals and if we can’t do that, you shouldn’t have to pay us. There are some things we can’t control — but when it comes to the things we CAN control, we are the best around. There is no agency out there that will give you the service and commitment that we do.

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What You Could Do Instead...

You could try learning all this stuff on your own. And yes, after god knows how much time spent filtering through research (that could be spent selling houses), hundreds of hours of grueling trial and error and a lot of wasted money trying to figure out what works, you might get some decent results. OR you could get us to help! (Because we’ve already done all of the above). So ask yourself… what’s the cost of not doing this?


Hear what agents say.


Could not be happier.

“There is no wonder why Mitch comes so highly recommended. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and without a doubt leading his industry with innovation, enthusiasm and excellent service. His communication was timely, and not only does he do what he says he will do, he goes above and beyond. The end product was amazing. Thanks again Mitch - could not be happier!”



Mitch is the real deal.

“Mitch Hills is the real deal!  Truth be told I didn’t really understand what a professional digital marketing would actually do for my business. The truth is heaps! My business awareness has grown, the revenue has increased and my ability to target another audience has come that we never had before! I have recommended them to many others and I look forward to years of working with Mitch.”


Made me a market leader.

“I have been using Mitch and his team since January 2017. He's attention to detail with regards to social media is second to none and helped me secure my spot of being a market leader in this field. Mitch and I've become great friends and I look forward to many more years of business and friendship with Mitch and the whole Mastered Marketing Team. “



Above and beyond what I expected.

Mastered Marketing have delivered a service above and beyond what I could have expected. From the initial call to the website build and beyond to social media management the process has been seamless. Mitch has excellent marketing knowledge and has been a crucial part of the growth of my business. I cannot recommend Mitch and the MM team high enough


Ten out of ten.

“Our experience with Mitch has been 10/10. Very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and always quick to respond. If you’re interested in expanding your market reach, building your company's following, and strengthening your online presence, I would urge you to contact him. All of the team here at Adam Wallace-Harrison Finance agree we would highly recommend Mitch and Mastered Marketing to anyone.”



I highly recommend Mitch.

I have always been a big believer in marketing, but running a business meant I was struggling for time. Mitch from Mastered Marketing was able to take this off my hands. If you need a marketing refresher for your business I highly recommend Mitch & the Mastered Marketing team!I can trust it’s looked after.


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Is this for you?

Our clients are typically high-performing lead agents with a team of 2 - 4 people. They understand the importance of marketing, want high quality content, are focused on building a brand for the long-term and are committed to being the number one agent in their area. We put you in front of your customers, and put time back in your pocket. If that sounds like you, we should chat..



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Still on the fence?

If you implement this, you will get results. But as with anything, it's natural to be hesitant, especially if things haven't worked for you in the past. It can feel like a risk trusting someone else. We get that! But the bigger risk, is the money you leave on the table by not taking action. It's up to you whether or not you feel like getting help - but factor in the cost of inaction which can be the real cost.


The real cost of inaction.

The time spent figuring out social media can cost years. The money spent on trial and error can cost thousands. The frustration can cost your happiness! So ask yourself... what's the cost of not doing this?  Let us help you. Book a call and let's have a brainstorm to see if it's a good fit for you. There is no pressure, but it might just be the best thing you do for your business.