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We support Go-gEtters

We’re all about supporting the real estate agents who genuinely do a great job but not enough people know about them, and giving them the tools to succeed online (without all the headaches). As business owners ourselves, we were fed up choosing between cheap marketing that sucks, and marketing that costs a fortune. So we spent years creating a simple system that can explode your brand, even if you’re short on time and tech skills. Now we have it, and you can use it!


How Can We Help?

You're a small business owner - just like us. We understand the technical nitty-gritty side of marketing, but we also speak your language and understand business too. When it comes to social media marketing, we live and breathe this stuff, and by working with us you'll have a team of experienced digital marketing specialists helping you stay up to date with all the trends and changes. 

  • Get more results, faster.

  • Become the #1 agent in your area.

  • Be the obvious choice for customers.

  • Upgrade your outdated marketing.

  • Have clock-work like consistency.

  • Cut through the noise & confusion.

  • Have one less thing to worry about!

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Where Mastered Marketing all began...

A mission to help people.


Hey, it’s Mitch here. Before starting Mastered Marketing, I had a tech startup. Ready to conquer the world, I needed some help with marketing! But after speaking to multiple agencies, they clearly did not understand what I needed.

It seemed I had to choose between crappy marketing would damage the brand and be a waste of money, and the monthly retainer of the “good” marketing cost more than the company was worth! Frustrated by the lack of options, I was forced to do it myself. 

And I did everything. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube, Snapchat, blogging, email marketing, influencer marketing, the works. Some of it worked. Most of it failed. 

Most sane people would give up... but I actually really enjoyed the process. I loved learning, researching, experimenting and funnily enough, failing. Failing meant learning and learning meant getting closer.

Eventually it clicked and we had huge success. We had thousands of followers, all the influencers were sharing our content, I was on live TV, half page spreads in the courier mail, 20+ press features and more. Curious to try new strategies, I helped some friends and other local businesses just for fun.

One thing led to another and I kept learning more skills until I decided to create my own marketing agency to help the passionate people that get ignored by the big companies. Fast forward to today, and here we are with a team of 10 awesome people, living and breathing all things digital marketing!



Mitch Hills

A 24 year old entrepreneur, marketer and problem solver from Brisbane. Known for his work ethic and creativity, he started his first business in high school at 17, quickly catching the entrepreneurial bug. 6 years and 3 businesses later he is now the Creative Director of Mastered Marketing, on a mission to make world class marketing available to small businesses. Keep up with him on Instagram @mitchills!


Why Mastered Marketing?

Mastered Marketing Simplicity


Our #1 priority is constant learning. Marketing literally changes daily, and we want to be ahead of every trend, so our strategies are always cutting-edge. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

mastered marketing simplicity


Digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, and our superpower is making things simple. There’s an endless list of things you could do, but to get results you only need a few key pieces.

Mastered Marketing Communication

Unmatched Service

We’re not newbies. We’ve been doing this for years, and have run a lot of campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t, and have our own proven frameworks for all things social media.



We practice what we preach. This isn’t a sales pitch, we are sharing the exact strategies that we use in our own business, so we are personally invested in the results. 



We don’t believe in fake scarcity or urgency, using the same copycat techniques around the web. We’ll help you with real strategies that work, on realistic timelines and budgets.



Our product is better than the competition, cheaper than the competition. Our agency friends make fun of us for providing too much. We provide unmatched service, for whatever you need.


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