How Ben Became The #1 Agent In His Area In 3 Months

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Social media is the best marketing tool in the history of real estate. I firmly believe that anyone can explode their business by leveraging it the right way, and today I want to tell you a story about how Ben went from having little to no presence to completely dominating the local area in 3 months so you can too.

Meet Ben

Meet Ben Wakely. Ben is one of the best real estate agents I've ever met and he's also a bloody legend. And ex Queensland Reds player, rockstar agent, husband and father of the cutest kid ever.

Before we met.

3 years ago I sent Ben a random cold email after checking out his account. He replied and I went into his office to catch up. He had social media (as most agents do, with a Facebook and Instagram page) but he wasn’t using it. It just did what most agent accounts do — sits there with a post every few months.

The goal.

Ben genuinely is the best agent in the Paddington area and surrounding suburbs. And whilst he was crushing it offline long before we came along, he wanted his online profile brand to reflect his level of expertise. We wanted Ben to become the #1 agent online in the local area with useful and relevant content.

The obstacles.

The first problem we ran into was there hadn’t been any thought put into the brand style, there was no website and we didn’t have much to work with. So we put our heads together and threw around some ideas, going back and forth and creating all the bits and pieces getting ready for launch.

The turnaround.

Once we created all the assets we put together a simple plan, started putting out consistent value-adding content and then boosted it to his local area with ads. We also started live streaming when it first became available and no other agents were using it yet. We called it ‘Sunday Night Live’ with Ben Wakely.

Every week we'd do the same thing. Plan a topic, shoot a live stream on Sunday, then promote it to his audience. On top of that we also used Facebook and Instagram to promote his listings to potential buyers and generate new eyeballs.

The final piece of the puzzle — we created an epic eBook called ‘Renovating For Sale: How To Add Massive Value To Any Property” and setup a landing page with an automated email sequence off the back to build his database, and send traffic to the landing page with Facebook ads.

The result?

In just 3 months, he was listed in Elite Agent's Top 50 Real Estate Influencers in Australia. Next to the CEO of fricken' Ray White! Aside from being featured in Elite Agent, he was also SO far ahead of every other agent in the area and has sold several multi-million dollar homes via his website.

  • He sold several multi-million dollar homes via his website.

  • He went from less than 1000 followers to 5000+ and counting.

  • He generated over 1000+ email subscribers into his database.

  • He was asked to be a guest speaker for his social media expertise.

That’s just a snapshot of the amazing things that happened since we started. That was 3 years ago and we're still going today. Nobody can even touch Ben when it comes to real estate in Paddington, Bardon and surrounding suburbs. He was even asked to speak at an event for agents about how important social media is for their profile. He’s literally a social media influencer now!

You can do this too.

It wasn’t complex. We just executed a simple 6-step formula and stay consistent. This is just one of several examples of the agents we've worked with. Social media works. And it can work for you too. Not to mention our online strategies have seeeeeriously improved since then, you can get results even faster!

Get in touch with us.

I promise you, if you stick to the right plan, you can get serious results. And I want to give you that plan. If you are ready to kick your business into overdrive, book a free strategy session with me today and let’s explore your goals, your market and your roadblocks and put a plan together.

Keep up with Ben.

Ben is a shining example of a real estate agent using social media the right way. You can check out Ben's Instagram here, or his website here (we also created this if you want something similar). Happy marketing and go get it!

Mitch Hills


Mitch Hills