5 Real Estate Agents Using Social Media Like a Pro


Are you an agent wondering how to use social media for real estate? Does social media actually work when it comes to growing your business? Need some creative ideas to take your real estate marketing to a new level? The property industry is very competitive, especially when so many real estate agents are targeting the same people. To stay ahead of the pack, I've listed 5 Real Estate Agents Using Social Media Like a Pro in Australia so you can pick out some great ideas. 

Social Media for Real Estate, Ben Wakely

1. Ben Wakely - Urban Property

Ben Wakely is a partner at Urban Property in Paddington, and for the last 12+ months has taken social media for real estate to a new level. The three key things that make Ben’s accounts successful are:

1. Value - he provides an endless stream of useful information and thinks like a homeowner, not a real estate agent.

2. Consistency - he posts almost every day with fresh content going out often, and a live stream that he does every Sunday without fail (for over a year).

3. Authenticity - he doesn’t try to be someone he’s not, and people resonate with his personality.

A great example of using social media for real estate - and seeing as he was featured in Elite Agent’s Top 50 Real Estate Influencers, every agent can take a note out of his book! Check out Ben Wakely’s website here and his Instagram here

Darcy Lord - Place Bulimba

Darcy Lord - Place Bulimba



2. Darcy Lord - Place Bulimba

Darcy Lord is a top agent at Australia’s 4th most successful agency, Place Bulimba. With his incredibly high energy and charismatic videos, he post consistent, entertaining and useful content on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

From property tips to personal success to food recommendations and more, Darcy is a master at creating community online. The most successful posts on Darcy’s profile are his short and punchy ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ videos where he shares all sorts of different thoughts and ideas.

Also very consistent with his social media marketing, check out his website here and his Instagram here.

Social Media for Real Estate, Amber Werchon

3. Amber Werchon Property - Mooloolaba

Amber Werchon Property makes you want to buy a home in Mooloolaba! Taking a strong market share when it comes to social media in Mooloolaba, this agency is great at creating a friendly, approachable and community-driven social media presence.

The Facebook page has great engagement and uses a strategic mix of content so it’s not the same old listings + testimonials combo most real estate agents do on social media.

The best thing they do is include photos of people - whether it’s the team, clients or neighbours, they all seem to have lots of fun. Hats off to Amber Werchon Property! Take a look at their Facebook page here.

Peter and Brad Real Estate.jpg

4. Brad & Peter Real Estate - Place Graceville

A power duo of real estate agents in the upper-end market of Graceville, Brad and Peter do a great job on their social media.

With their consistent stream of posts, professionally shot videos that actually add value and witty writing, their Facebook page is a great example of social media for real estate.

Plus, the insane amount of content they have on the blog is impressive! Years ago they were one of the first to jump on social media, and over time it has certainly paid off. Check out their Facebook page here.

Patrick Ivey .jpg

5. Patrick Ivey - Harcourts Coorparoo

If you want to see a fantastic example of short, punchy, engaging videos, take a look at Pat Ivey!

This young agent and auctioneer does a great job on his social media with his ‘Suburb Snapshot’ videos, fun imagery, behind the scenes photos and clever use of Instagram Stories. Another agent who’s using social media for real estate like a pro, being consistent, valuable and fun!

We actually caught up with Pat a while ago, and were impressed by his willingness to just provide fun content, even if it doesn’t generate a sale right away. Playing the long game like he should - check out his Facebook page here.

With these 5 examples you'll have plenty of ideas of how you can take your social media to a new level! If you need a hand stepping up your real estate social media game, click the button below to learn more about our services. Happy marketing!

MITCH HILLS @mitchills