Social Media For Real Estate: How To Explode Your Profile & Generate Leads

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Social media is the best marketing in HISTORY for real estate agents. It can work wonders for your business — if you do it right! The problem is most agents don’t know how to execute it properly, and competition is increasing whilst attention is decreasing at the same time. In this blog I’m going to show you the EXACT pieces you need to explore your brand + generate leads. Let’s get into it.

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I’m going to show you the overview of the process this blog article so you can see the big picture. For the full step by step process, download our ‘Social Media For Real Estate Cheat Sheet’ which has everything you need below!


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The 6 Step Formula

After running hundreds of campaigns, we created our signature 6-step formula (which we're going to break down in this blog). Whilst it CAN be, social media doesn’t have to be confusing. All you need is a few key fundamentals and a scalable infrastructure to get huge results. Let’s get into it!

The 2 key elements.

Part One: Brand Awareness

This is about building your brand for the long term, by consistently getting in front of prospects with relevant content. This is how you occupy a space in their mind, and when they think about real estate, they think of you and not someone else. The upside is that it’s the most valuable asset and will bring in new business all year round. The downside is that it takes time and patience.

Part Two: Lead Generation

This is about bringing in new business and building your database with direct response advertising. The upside is having a steady stream of new business. The downside is that it caters to a much smaller percentage of the market who are in ‘buy’ or ‘research’ mode. Additionally, when you turn a lead gen campaign off, the leads stop. Brands (part one) don’t turn off.

Creating Omnipresence

The goal is to use both pieces to create an all-around digital strategy that creates an 'omnipresence' effect. Your campaign should do a few things (which I'll show you):

  • Capture the hot leads that are in 'buy' mode (3% of the market).

  • Build your database by getting the other 97% to opt into your funnel.

  • Stay in front of people who've seen you before with multi-platform retargeting.

  • Put out relevant content to establish authority and build your long term brand.



Create a 1-page strategy.

The goal of the Strategy phase is to create a simple strategy that works, regardless of platform or algorithm changes. It’s the underlying function of the entire process, to keep you on track and ahead of the game. Don’t just go into marketing because you feel like you should — you want to have clear goals, a plan for achieving them and tangible metrics to track your progress.

Define your ideal client.

If you don't understand your customer, literally everything you try will fail. Really. Put in effort here and you will save so much time down the track ‘fixing’ things. If you really want your marketing to fly, you need a crystal clear customer avatar that describes your ideal clients better than they can describe themselves. Get specific, and remember...  think like a homeowner not an agent!

Research the market.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Find out who’s already getting results, see what you can leverage and reverse engineer their strategy. This works great — but sometimes nobody is filling a big market need. You want to find those gaps and exploit them by providing info your customers are hungry for but can’t get access to.


Spend more time on your customer, to avoid fixing things that didn’t work later on.



Identify Hot Topics.

Rather than talking about everything, what are the 3 - 6 things your prospects want more than anything else? What are they always asking about? What's trending right now? In real estate the main topics are usually what's happening in the market, how to add value to their home etc.

Create a balanced content mix.

Most agents blast how great they are and expect sellers to line up for them. This doesn’t work. People go on social media to be entertained not to see ads! Don't just brag — you need to establish yourself as an authority while also creating a personal relationship with fans.

Plan 4 weeks ahead.

Without a content calendar, your content will be inconsistent and low quality (because you’ll make a post just to try and be 'active'). Use a calendar to plan your marketing in advanced so you’ll be more organised. Luckily for you, we’ve made one for you! Just download the cheat sheet (it’s in there).


Use a calendar to plan your marketing in advanced so you’ll be more organised



Written & Visual Content.

The objective of the Create phase is to create scroll-stopping content to add value and establish authority. The 3 main types of content are videos, blogs, micro-posts and artwork. The key is to do what comes naturally to you. If you like speaking , shoot videos. If you like writing, write blogs. If you have a good eye, share great photos. Do what comes naturally, so it’s easy to maintain.

Super Engaging Visuals.

Visuals are everything, and this won’t work if your visuals suck. Your content needs to POP right out of the feed, something you’d stop scrolling for even without reading the caption. To make it easier, jump on Pinterest and create a mood board for how you want your brand to look.

Recycle your best content.

One of the best ways to be productive is by repurposing your content into other platforms. So rather than thinking “how am I going to create so much new content all the time?!” just repurpose it and recycle it. For example if you create a video, don’t stop there! You can transcribe it into a blog, share short video snippets, create quotes, micro-posts… you can make 10+ posts from 1 video! Here’s how.



Rapport-building captions.

Long-form captions skyrocketed our engagement. Now whilst not every post has to be long for the sake of being long, they are worth trying. Most agents share a photo and a tip - this is fine, but it’s not awesome. You want to tell a story or add a LOT of value, that is creatively written to keep the reader hooked. Not many agents do this, so you can stand out and offer them something fresh.

Schedule posts 2 weeks ahead.

Using tools like Buffer, you can schedule posts ahead of time to make life a whole lot easier. It’s just like regular posting, you select the platform, upload the visuals and caption, then add it to your queue which will schedule it ahead of time. Done!

Share extra posts on the go.

Planning and scheduling is great for organisation — but if ideas pop into your head, go for it! This is also where Instagram Stories are fantastic - the perfect place to share a quick thought, ask a question or share a behind-the-scenes photo. They will increase your profile views and you’ll build a relationship with your audience.

social media captions


Boost top content weekly.

Each week boost your top posts for $5 - $10 a day which will push fresh content to local prospects every day even if you're not posting. It takes 5 minutes a week and you'll be getting in their feeds, staying top of mind and building authority in your sleep.

Monitor lead generation ads.

Boosting your top content will build your brand + profile. The key to generating leads is sending traffic to the top of your sales funnel that will attract + nurture leads on autopilot. The objective of a funnel is to create a sequence that naturally turns strangers into paying customers, giving prospects the right thing at the right time, and providing the obvious ‘next step’ as they ascend through your business. If you want to learn how to setup a funnel for real estate, get the free cheat sheet!

Retargeting + omnipresence.

Ever searched for flights and then all of a sudden you see flight deals everywhere? That’s retargeting. Regardless of where people enter your funnel, they will start getting seeing more ads based on their behaviour and how long they’ve been in the funnel. The diagram shows the different campaigns you can run so you show up everywhere in a non-intrusive way that pulls people toward your business.

This next image probably may like spaghetti but it’s shows you what a complete marketing funnel looks like and how it facilities the buying journey.

Full Marketing Funnel (1).png


REview analytics.

The objective of the Review phase is to cut through the noise to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. If you don’t track progress, you won’t be able to make smart decisions. What worked? What didn’t work? How many leads are we generating? Analytics can be overwhelming, you just need to know what you’re looking for. That’s why we outlined the success metrics in phase one, Strategy.

Optimise The FunneL.

If you're running lead generation ads, focus on the right areas. When people want more sales they often focus on traffic. But if your funnel isn’t optimised, you’ll pour money into a leaky bucket. E.g if you improve your conversion rate from 15% to 30%, you’ll double sales without spending any more money. Focus on the right areas one piece at a time until it's wildly profitable.

Create an action plan.

So you’ve reviewed the analytics… what now? Put together an action list of things you’re going to implement for the following month. Keep doing this to have steady, sustainable results.

. . .

That’s the 6-step formula! If you follow this you will get great results and create a high-leverage marketing system. If you’ve got any questions feel free to reach out any time, and if you’d like a hand with your social media just click that button below!

Mitch Hills