5 Reasons Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working


When it comes to real estate marketing, it seems like people either SMASH it, or throw money straight out the window. Marketing and social media is easy to start – but it’s tough to master! Creating an account only takes a few seconds, but the excitement often dies out after you don’t see a return… (which is what most agents deal with). After seeing many agents feeling confused and frustrated, I put together this quick guide to help you troubleshoot your marketing campaign and start seeing results. 

1. The audience isn’t defined.

The number ONE most important thing in any marketing campaign is understanding your customer. If you get this wrong, it will affect literally every single part of your marketing.

Who are they? Where are they? What do they want? If you’re going to put out content and post on social media, you need to make sure it appeals to your customer. And you can’t do that…. if you don’t know who the customer is!

ACTION PLAN: Describe in as much detail as possible who your dream client is, and what information they want to know most. Then give it to them! 

2. There’s not enough value.

This is another one of the biggest reasons people struggle with social media. People on platforms like Facebook and Instagram don’t go there to see ads and watch people talk about how great they are.

They’re using it as entertainment, to keep up with friends and to consume content that interests them. Notice that last part – they consume content that INTERESTS them.

This means you need to add value to their world in order to stand out or be relevant, and you do this by answering the questions and topics they know about.

Your content needs to be valuable, engaging, and must appeal to your target client’s pains and desires. That’s what will make them pay attention! Understanding this mindset is crucial to effective marketing.

ACTION PLAN: Talk less about sales and self-promotion, and start answering questions. 


People don't go on Facebook to see ads!

Provide value, instead of bragging.


3. The offer isn’t attractive.

If you’re using social media for lead generation, the success of your campaign hinges on your offer! You’ve got to take your real estate agent hat off for a moment, and step into the shoes of your customer.

What do they want the MOST? If you could only give them ONE thing, what would it be? Give them that. Homeowners see right through a ‘free appraisal’.

Maybe it’s a selling checklist, a renovation guide, value-adding hacks, a video training…. whatever it is, appeal to your customers biggest problem and help them solve it (which is why understanding your customer in #1 is so crucial!)

ACTION PLAN: If you could only give your customer ONE thing, result or outcome, what would it be? Put it together into a short, easy to consume lead magnet or attractive offer. 

4. The targeting is off.

You can have a defined audience and an awesome offer, and still lose money by sending it to the wrong people.  

Understanding your customer is the most important thing – but when it comes to the ‘techy’ stuff, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right people.

For example if you run Facebook ads, you can’t just target people in your city that are over 25. Get specific with your targeting, and choose interests, demographics and behaviors that match your dream client

ACTION PLAN: Upgrade your targeting, and choose target options that match your dream client as much as possible. 


You can have a great offer and still send it to the wrong person.

Send it to your prospects.


5. It’s not being measured.

Digital marketing is all about trial and error – you never know what will work! Make sure you’re measuring what works and what doesn’t work, otherwise you’re throwing darts with a blindfold on.

It’s SO important to not get emotional when you’re advertising, and make decisions based on data, not feelings. I’ve spent lots of time designing an ad I thought was beautiful, and then when I tested it, it turned out the hideously ugly one killed it.

So rather than throwing my hands in the air or forcing them to like my version, I simply read the data and rolled with it.

ACTION PLAN: Test multiple ads to see what works, and make decisions based on data NOT emotion.


If you assess all five of these areas, you will have a much higher chance of bringing your campaign to life! Remember that success in marketing (and ESPECIALLY social media advertising) is all about testing, tweaking and finding that winning formula. It’s not always easy – but once you find it, you can have a wildly profitable campaign!


Mitch Hills