How To Generate Real Estate Leads With Social Media

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When it comes to succeeding in real estate, it’s all about the numbers. Make the right numbers work and you’ll be wildly successful! The same principle applies to marketing, and in this article I’m going to show you how to generate leads with social media to create a predictable stream of clients. Let’s go!

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The overview.

My diagram above is a high-level view of setting up + managing a funnel. It’s all about creating the assets, getting data and continuously optimising with an ongoing feedback loop until your funnel is profitable. We’re going to break down each piece in detail in this blog so if you’re confused, don’t worry!

What is a marketing funnel?

A funnel is a systemised sequence that naturally turns strangers into paying customers. The customer ‘journey’ should give prospects the right thing at the right time, and provide the obvious ‘next step’ as they ascend through your business. When it’s fully functional, it allows you to have a predictable stream of new business.

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Step One: Setting up the funnel.

A funnel can be a bit of effort to setup but the good news is that once it’s done, it will attract + nurture leads for you on autopilot, even when you sleep. Here are the pieces you need to put it all together. Let’s go through each piece in order:

Traffic source.

A method or combination of methods to get in front of prospects and get new eyeballs towards your funnel (e.g Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn etc). I’ll break this down a bit more in the next section.

Lead magnet.

A small “chunk” of value that solves a specific problem and gives a ‘quick win’ in exchange for their email address (e.g a selling guide, market report or other insider info). This needs to be SUPER attractive for your ads to work.

Conversion tool.

A high-value, low-friction offer to convert subscribers (people who opted into your lead magnet) into leads with their phone number and address (e.g a property value report).

Landing pages.

Squeeze pages to generate opt ins, track conversions and retarget people so you can follow them around the web (more on this soon).


An automated sequence that gets triggered when someone opts in to your lead magnet. This should help them get from their current to their desired situation, ascend the relationship and guide them to your conversion offer.


Putting leads + contacts into different 'buckets' based on behaviour.


Educational content to provide value, establish authority, use in your retargeting ads and also introduce new prospects to your brand.


A spreadsheet to track data, calculate return on investment, find holes in the funnel and make smart decisions with your money.

That’s what you need to setup, now here is how you get people INTO the funnel.

Step Two: Send traffic to the funnel.

Campaign 1: Social Media Traffic

This campaign promotes your conversion tool (like an appraisal or a property report) to the people in 'buy' mode so you can generate leads, and also your lead magnet to the people in ‘research’ mode so you can build your database.

Campaign 2: Social Media Retargeting

This is a retargeting campaign that is triggered as soon as someone visits your website or social media. It's an evergreen sequence that shows them fresh content every 7 days to take them on a natural buying journey. All on autopilot! You can also retarget people who opted into your lead magnet and invite them to become a lead.

Campaign 3: Engagement & Listings

This is your brand-building campaign, sharing your top content each week on Facebook & Instagram as well as your properties for sale to get in front of buyers.

Campaign 4: Google Search & Retargeting

This final campaign is so you can get in front of people who are searching Google for an agent in your idea. But you can also set up retargeting so you can follow people around on the web who saw your website or landing pages (the same way we did in campaign #2 on social media).

real estate marketing funnel

The success of your marketing funnel hinges on your offers. Make them awesome!


Creating omnipresence.

Ever searched for flights and then all of a sudden you see flight deals everywhere? That’s retargeting. When you have this setup, regardless of where people enter your funnel they will start getting seeing more ads based on their online behaviour. How cool is that?

When you do all of this correctly, you create an ‘omnipresence’ effect where you show up everywhere and stay top of mind in a relevant, non-intrusive way. You’ll also have a scaleable infrastructure that can work on any budget which achieves a few key things. You will:

  • Capture the hot leads that are in 'buy' mode (3% of the market).

  • Build your database by getting the other 97% to opt into your funnel.

  • Stay in front of people who've seen you before with multi-platform retargeting.

  • Put out relevant content to establish authority and build your brand.

real estate marketing funnel

Regardless of where people enter your funnel, they will start getting seeing more ads based on their behaviour.


Step Three: Optimising.

The ultimate goal of a funnel is to create a bulletproof, systemised way to grow your business. Now that your funnel has been setup and launched you want to make sure it’s firing on all cylinders. To do this, we use a simple If This Then That approach — simply find the holes, fix them, track performance and repeat until it works! Here are some examples of spotting + fixing holes:

Getting clicks?

If clicks are too expensive, the ad or offer needs work.

Getting subscribers?

If clicks are good but opt ins are low, the landing page needs work.

Getting leads?

If opt ins are good but leads are low, the follow up sequence needs work or the conversion tool needs to be more attractive.

Getting sales?

If conversions are good but sales are low, the sales process needs work.

Funnel is profitable?

If the overall funnel isn’t working review the data, find holes and optimise the funnel. Repeat and test until leads are within KPI.

Scale up!

If your funnel is profitable… hooray! Now you can scale up your top performing ads, and test new ads, offers and traffic sources.


Simply find holes, fix them, track results and repeat the process until it’s profitable.


Rules for success.

If you want to create a successful funnel, you need to follow a few rules.

Be Patient And Play The Long Game.

The funnel won’t work right away, and maybe not even for 1 - 2 months. Be patient, running testing to find the winning formulas and stick to the plan. Continuously monitor, optimise and test the funnel until it’s performing within KPI. You have to invest into finding what works, and then you will see profits.

Don’t Try Too Many Things At Once.

One of the most dangerous things is a new idea! If you’ve spent the time to set up a marketing funnel, stick to it and focus on improving it. Don’t be tempted by new ideas or gimmicks in hopes that it will be a silver bullet. Stick to your plan until you have enough data to make smart decisions.

Don’t Make Decisions Too Quickly.

Don’t check your statistics every day or make decisions too fast. You need enough data to have ‘statistical relevance’ in order to make an informed decision. Use the guide on the next page for when you should make decisions or changes to your funnel.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Funnel.

Keep it simple. Don’t try to have intricate multi-level funnels when you don’t need them. Start with the basics, then build from there once it starts working. Don’t have too many steps, and make it easy for people to ascend.

Focus On The Right Things.

When people want more sales they often focus on traffic. But if your funnel isn’t optimised, you’ll pour money into a leaky bucket. If you improve your conversion rate from 15% to 30%, you’ll double sales without spending any more money. Focus on the right things!

Implement, Don’t Look For a Silver Bullet.

If your funnel isn’t working it’s very tempting to go searching for a silver bullet. The bad news is, it doesn’t exist! The good news is, if you actually implement this formula without getting distracted, you will get results.

. . .

There you have it! That is the exact process for creating, launching and scaling a marketing funnel. You may be thinking it’s a lot of work… that’s what we’re here for! We can help you build your funnel and create a high-leverage marketing system to generate leads on autopilot. If you’d like a hand just click that button!

Mitch Hills @masteredmarketing