How to Generate 100+ Real Estate Leads Using Facebook

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When it comes to small business marketing, Facebook is the best piece of advertising technology that has ever existed. (Yes, ever). The raw power and capability of what it can do you for your business is insane.

The problem is, because it’s so insane it can get quite confusing. So whether you’ve lost money on Facebook before or you’ve never tried it out, here’s 5 simple steps to using Facebook to generate 100+ leads! 

Know your customer.

This is the number one most important thing when it comes to marketing on any platform. Along with their personal and geographical traits, the key thing you want to know is their #1 pain and their #1 desire.

This will allow you show them that you deeply understand their challenges, and then offer them the ONE thing they want most, to show that you have a solution to their problem. This will become your lead magnet (below). 

Create a lead magnet.

Now that you know your customer, you can create a lead magnet that is the ‘bridge’ between their current situation and their desired situation.

This lead magnet could be an eBook, a selling checklist, a renovation guide, a home staging cheat sheet…. get creative and think about what you can physically give your lead that address their #1 pain and #1 desire.

Keep it short, punchy and actionable. At this stage they still don’t know you and their attention span is short, so you want to add value fast.  It doesn’t have to be perfect either – as long as they get value out of it and want to know more, that’s enough to get started! 


Keep your lead magnet short, punchy and actionable.

Their attention span is short!

Create a landing page

Now you have a lead magnet, you need to make it super-duper easy to access and download, and you do this with a high-converting landing page.

If you’re driving traffic to your lead magnet’s landing page with paid ads like Facebook (in the next step) you need to make sure you capitalise on that by using attractive designs, compelling language and nice big buttons.

If you’re landing page isn’t optimised, isn’t mobile friendly or has too many distractions, you’ll just throw money out the window and pay for clicks that don’t convert! You also don’t want to ask for too much information.

If you’re offering an eBook or a video training, stick to asking for their name and email. Asking for a phone number, address and all these other questions makes the friction too high, and you won’t get many conversions.

Check out tools like ClickFunnelsLeadPages or even use your existing website if you have the capability. They have pre-made templates, but you can check out some examples here, and here’s an example of one of mine below. 

Leverage Facebook ads

Equipped with a defined customer, an irresistible lead magnet and a landing page that will convert visitors, you can start using Facebook Ads.

You’ll see there are 3 key elements that are required before running successful ads – but most people skip it all! Then they wonder why Facebook ads don’t work.

What you need is to have all of those assets, and then run a website conversions ad. This will send it to people who are most likely to opt in to your offer.

Make sure you target your dream clients by location, interests, behaviors and all of the other super-cool targeting features, and then create an ad that’s compelling and has an attractive image. 


Make your Facebook ads compelling.

Or people won't click on it!

Create a follow up system.

Once people download your lead magnet – then what happens? Do you call them? Does someone else call them? Do they get emailed?

You need to have a follow up system in place otherwise your ‘leads’ will just disappear into a spreadsheet, never to be touched again.

My personal favourite is creating an email sequence that sends out a series of automated emails to build trust, add more value, position yourself as an expert and maybe even offer a second lead magnet.

Now, whilst this is the most effective method, you don’t need to get so advanced to get started. For now, get it out and optimise it later.  Just make sure you have a plan for what to do with those leads as they come in. 

With all of these pieces in places, you can start rolling out your social media campaign and start generating leads! Keep in mind that advertising is all about trial and error. Launch, gather data, see what works and doesn’t work, adjust your ads and then keep it rolling.

Don’t shut it off right away, or act based on emotion. Read the data, make your tweaks, and start enjoying those leads!