How to Use Facebook For Business in 2019

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Even though platforms like Instagram and Snapchat took off like a rocket, Facebook is still the big daddy of social media. Every single business should be on Facebook, and doing it the right way. Here are a list of practical tips to using Facebook for business!

Respond to Messages Quickly

Facebook is often one of the first places that customers turn to for help. In some circumstances, you will get more enquiries from your Facebook page than your website, so you want to stay on top it! Make sure you have notifications for messages, and get back to them as soon as you can.

Use Insights to Track Progress

Facebook has a fantastic and incredibly useful Insights tool so you can see what’s going well, and what isn’t. All of this amazing data is right at your fingertips, all you need to do is click the Insights tab from your page and explore!

Post At The Best Times

With great features like Insights (above) you’ll be able to find out what content works the best, and when is the best time to post. Once you find this, prioritise your posts around those times. To make things easier, you can schedule posts directly from your page, or will great free tools like Buffer.

Run Like & Share Competitions

One of the biggest advantages that Facebook has over Instagram is the ability to share content. It’s like a compounding effect. Your post went to your audience, someone shared it to their audience, then that person shared it to their audience. You can explode reach with this!

A great way to encourage sharing is by running competitions. Put together a prize worth $50 - $100, where the terms are they have to like your page and share the post. Boost it for $50 and watch the engagement roll in.

Encourage Comments & Reply Quickly

Organic engagement is constantly dropping (which sucks) but if you can figure how to get engagement, you’ll stand out in the crowd. If you get likes, comments and shares, you will get way more reach. Ask questions, tell people to drop a comment and encourage conversation, then reply to comments quickly.

Run Facebook Ads & Boost Posts

Facebook ads are the best marketing tool in the history of small business. The targeting is insane and the cost efficiency is second to none. If you don’t run ads, you’re missing a huge opportunity! I broke down in detail how to run ads and explain the process simply in a separate article - check it out!

Do Live Streams

Live Streams are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to stand out. Things like events (if you’re in real estate, live stream auctions!!!), Q&A sessions, behind the scenes content and interviews work really well. Plus, people get notified when you go live so you’ll get even more reach.

Get Reviews

If you’re a local business, you definitely want to try and get as many reviews as you can. Reviews really increase your chances of a page visitor getting in touch. Give your customers incentives to review - I got a massage and they offered me 10% off if I wrote a review. Deal!

Pin Important Posts To The Top

As you post new content, your posts get pushed down your timeline. Sometimes you might have a post that you want to stay at the top - with this tip you can. This can work well for welcome messages, any current offers you’re running, upcoming events or announcements.

Share Facebook Stories

We are a huge fan of Facebook and Instagram Stories in 2019, and you definitely want to share these. If you have an Instagram account linked to your page, you can set your Instagram stories it to automatically sync with Facebook.

Use Facebook Notes If You Don’t Have a Blog

Blogging is a great way to add value to your audience - but if you don’t have a website, you can still create articles with Facebook notes. They look awesome, they’re native to the platform (meaning they can read it without needing to leave Facebook) and you can easily add images / headlines / links and more.

Prioritise Images & Video Over Links

Links just don’t work very well these days (unless you’re boosting them). A better alternative is to post a beautiful image or a video, and include a shortened link (like Bitly) in the caption.

Remove Links From Posts

If you are sharing a link, once you copy-paste the URL it will automatically pull up the image and title. Once this has popped up, you can remove the original link from the caption so you aren’t doubling up. Big long ugly URLs aren’t the nicest thing to look at, and they make it look less professional.

. . .

Implement those tips and your Facebook will be rocking! If you want to get more results faster and with less effort, reach out to us and we’ll help you explode your brand awareness. Happy marketing!

Mitch Hills