The Insanely Easy & Cost Effective Way to Build an Engaged Facebook Following

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey there it's Mitch Hills back at it again with the social media fire 🔥. In this short article I'm going to show you how you can build an engaged following, to attract and nurture new prospects with as little as 10 bucks a day. Let's get into it!



Quick assumption...

If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you have a Business Facebook Page and access to the Ads Manager. If you don't have that, you'll want to go and create a page at

I'm also going to assume you have a grasp on who your audience is and what type of content they're into.

If you're not sure, go to the most popular page in your niche and see what they're posting (e.g. go on's Facebook and get ideas from there if you're in real estate).

facebook page setup

Create a short, awesome video.

What does your audience want to know about the most? Make a video about that. 

If you're doing social media for real estate, the most common things people want to know about are how to add value to to their home, how to sell for the best price, and how to style their home.

There you go just pick one - I couldn't make it any easier!

Add a bunch of value in a short period of time, and make it 60 seconds max. You can make an animated 'slideshow' video on Canva or Adobe Spark for free!

Struggling for ideas? Make it 'X Things You Should Do Before Y'. Who knows why, but people go nuts for lists. It's why you can't stay off Buzzfeed.

Once you've got that, upload it to Facebook! You don't need to publish it yet, just click 'Save as Unpublished' to upload it to your videos without sharing (but feel free to share it if you want). 


Create a retargeting audience.


Don't worry, this is super easy. Here's how:

  • Open Ads Manager

  • Go to 'Audiences'

  • Create a new 'Custom Audience'

  • Choose 'Engagement'

  • Choose 'Video'

  • Select your video

  • Choose 'People who watched at least 10 seconds'

  • Name that puppy.

  • You're done!

We've made this audience so you can send posts to people who watched your video. You'll need this in a moment!

facebook ads objective

Sponsor your video to your target audience.

Video in hand, it's time to send it to cold traffic. Notice we are creating something valuable that is NOT selling anything and does NOT feel like an ad.

People hate ads, and if you spam them with unwanted ads they might hate you too.

GIVE them something to grab their attention, and then you'll be able to send them more cool stuff later.

We're going to be creating a Facebook Ad but don't freak out it's easy:

  • Create a Campaign

  • Choose 'Video Views'

  • Add in the location (e.g. drop a pin on your area)

  • Add in your targeting (e.g. homeowners, house ownership)

  • Set your budget for $5 or maybe even $10 if you're a god damn weapon.

  • Let it run ongoing.

  • Confirm dat! 

facebook ads objectives

Post cool sh*t.

Your video is now getting into the feeds of your target customer every single day, with someone valuable they actually want to watch.

If they watch it, now they go into your retarget audience, and you're going to send them some more goodies!

There's three reasons we made that audience:

  1. Anyone who watches at least 10 seconds is likely interested in what you're doing.

  2. Now they've seen you at least once and received value, they won't mind you sending them more.

  3. We need to create that audience for retargeting.

The more you promote that video, the bigger your audience size, meaning they are somewhat qualified people that are interested in what you've got! 

Now you just need to post cool sh*t. Stuff that's happening, new content, bits and pieces of value, images, videos, go nuts. Just make sure it's awesome and doesn't suck!!!

awesome meme

Sponsor your cool sh*t to your new audience.

Cool sh*t in hand, it's now time to send it to your new audience (which we created before).

Simply set up the campaign the same way you did before, but instead of targeting cold interests, simply choose 'Custom Audiences' instead.

When you click on this, your video views audience will pop up. BAM!

facebook ads targeting


Wasn't that easy? If you do this, you are attracting a new audience of prospects with valuable content, and then building a relationship with them through entertaining content. It's that simple! If you want to dig deeper and step it up a bit, get in touch with me here.

MITCH HILLS - @mitchills