80/20 Social: How to Get the MAXIMUM Results for MINIMUM Effort

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Ola! It’s Mitch here, and today I’m going to make social media incredibly simple and show you my 80/20 marketing formula. This will help you get the maximum result for the minimum input, and get great social media results for literally minutes a day. 80/20 is about focusing on the 20% of tasks that make up for 80% of your results. So how does this apply to social media? Let’s take a look. 

Simplicity works.

Social media is so important and everybody knows that they should do it, but it can get overwhelming. And when you sit down at the end of the day, you don’t want to be thinking, “Oh, now I have to post on my account”, then you put something that’s not great just to be ‘active’.  This formula is all you need to get plenty of results with minimum effort.

Choose 1 - 3 hot topics.

Rather than talking about everything, what are the 1 - 3 things your audience wants more than anything else? These are going to be your core topics. E.g. if you’re a real estate agent, homeowners want to know how to sell for more, how to add value their property, and what’s happening in the market.


What does your audience want the most?

This will be your content.


Choose a content format that works for you.

Now you have your hot topics, all you need to do is answer your audience’s questions in your content. If you like speaking , shoot videos. If you like writing, write blogs. If you like sharing thoughts on the fly, do Instagram Stories. If you take really good photos, take snaps and write awesome captions. Do whatever works for you and comes naturally, so it’s easier to maintain.

Post 3 times a week.

Now you have content! Create a fun and useful caption, then use a tool like Buffer to schedule posts for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday which are best days for engagement, either at 12pm (lunch time) or 7pm (after work). Remember these should be your hot topics that your audience loves. If it’s not useful, entertaining or inspiring, just don’t post it.

Boost all three posts & rotate weekly.

Next, you want to boost all 3 of your weekly posts for $15 each over 7 days. When you do this, your best content will be reaching new prospects every day even if you aren’t posting on your page! Once a week just turn the old ones off, and turn the new ones on. This way, there is always fresh content going out. You’re getting in their faces, you’re getting in the feeds and you’re establishing yourself as an authority!


Ads allow you to reach prospects every day, even if you aren’t posting!


Any extra posts are a bonus.

You can definitely share extra posts if you want to, but even if you don’t, your foundational content is scheduled and boosted so you don’t have to do anything else. When ideas pop into your head or you want to share a snippet of your day, go for it!

Post Instagram Stories on the go.

Now that your main content has been taken care of, you don’t have to do anything else. With this spare time, I strongly encourage you to use Instagram Stories to broadcast what you are already doing. What advice do you give clients? What are you working on? Share a snippet. Stories are a perfect place to share a quick thought, ask a question or share some behind-the-scenes content. They are the bomb, they will skyrocket your profile views and you’ll connect with your audience.

Install automation.

What is the #1 thing your customers want more than anything else? Put it into a short, actionable resource like a PDF cheat sheet or a video training, which you can often put together from resources you already have. Then create a landing page, and an automated email sequence with 7 - 10 emails that is triggered whenever someone opts in. You only have to do this once, then whenever someone signs up they get your emails! If you need a hand with this, just send us a message.

Friends Riding.jpg

You only have to set up a funnel once.

Automations are the bomb.


Optional - Have an ongoing traffic ad running.

If you want, you can have an ongoing ad sending people to your website. This can be to a landing page, your best piece of blog content or a lead magnet. When you’re rotating your boosted posts, just pop in to check on the traffic ad, and anytime clicks cost more than $1.50, tweak the image, text or offer. You can do this directly from your Facebook page by clicking ‘Manage Promotions’. If you want to learn more about this, check out ‘Facebook Ads for Small Business Made Incredibly Simple’

Optional - Recycle your content.

If you have a blog or a website, repurpose your video content into other platforms. For example you can transcribe your audio and turn it into a blog article, take out pieces of that and turn them into Instagram quotes, create a long-form Facebook status… squeeze as much as you can out of your content.

So rather than thinking “how am I going to create so much new content all the time?!” just repurpose it and recycle it. If you’re doing two videos a month, that’s like 15-20 posts you can make out of that alone and just rotate it! For more on this check out “How to Turn 1 Piece of Content in 10+ Epic Posts” below.

Optional - Run quarterly competitions.

Like and share competitions are the bomb if you want to get reach in your local market. Do one of these once a quarter and give away something worth at least $100 or more (otherwise it’s not attractive enough to get a lot of buzz). You can do holiday themed giveaways (like a Christmas hamper), events (like Melbourne Cup), trends or even just a $100 voucher.

Either make the terms ‘like and share this post to enter’ or ‘comment with _______ to enter’. DON’T ask them to do too much or it won’t work. These competitions go off, spend $50 on it with Facebook ads and you’re going to reach 3000+ people for barely any money because they get shared so much, the organic reach goes off the charts.

. . .

That’s the 80/20 formula! If you follow this you will get great results and it will take you literally minutes a day, maybe even less if you do a few things all at once! If you’ve got any questions feel free to reach out any time, and if you’d like a hand with your social media just click that button below.

Mitch Hills @masteredmarketing