5 Reasons to Do Your Own Online Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing doesn’t always have to be outsourced to an agency. Whilst it can help free up your time and get more content out into the world, there are several benefits to doing your own online marketing that can give you an advantage over people that pay agencies!

Here’s 5 reasons to do your own online marketing, to help you get started today. 

1. You have full access to your own life.

When you do your own marketing, you have full access to…. you! This allows you to put out as much content as you like, because you’re controlling it.

Rather than remembering to take photos or send content off to your social media manager, you can simply post things on the go, and of things that other people don’t have access to.

You’re also able to get much more personal because, all you have to do it start broadcasting what you’re already doing! 

2. You know exactly how you speak.

When you’re promoting yourself and representing a personal brand, one of the biggest challenges you’ll have with an agency is getting them to ‘learn’ and master the way you speak.

It’s not their fault – it’s a challenge for anyone to become you! It’s like you trying to run my social media and nail it. It takes time, and you need to know a lot about me in order to speak and communicate the same way I do.

Running your own social media totally eliminates this problem. 

3. It’s truly authentic.

In the same light as knowing how you speak, running your own social media allows you to be truly authentic because it’s you posting it, not someone else trying to be you.

And even if that someone else good at it, it’s impossible to be 100% authentic. This is one of the best things about doing your own marketing because anything you say or put out into the world is genuine.

You’ll also be able to connect on a deeper level with your fans and create a relationship that only you could make. 


Doing your own social media allows you to be authentic.

This allows you to connect deeper.

 4. It’s fast.

Even if a social media manager or marketing agency is pretty quick, it will never be as fast as you.

You can literally take a picture and upload it instantly, rather than sending it off and waiting for a reply, in which case the window of opportunity may have gone if it’s a time sensitive event.

Nothing’s quicker than going straight to the source – and that’s you! 

5. It’s actually not hard.

Social media isn’t a big scary beast that can’t be figured out. Even if you’re low on time or have limited tech skills, social media and personal branding can be easy (and fun!) with the right tools. You just need to have those tools, so you know exactly what you’re doing.


With the right tools and technology, running your own marketing can be both easy and fun, and you can start generating a following and brand awareness in no time at all! In fact, you can do it from as little as minutes a day. To check out more, download my free guide below. Happy marketing!