The 5 Building Blocks You Need to Create World-Class Personal Brand

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In the world we live in, creating a world-class personal brand and leveraging social media to explode your career has never been easier. That said – there are some things you must have in place in order to succeed! The five building blocks below will create the foundation for your brand, separate yourself from the competition and ROCK online! 

1. The Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail! This is especially important with your personal brand. The first step before your create, share or do anything else is create a strategy that you can come back to if you get lost.

This will set you up for success and establishes the foundation of everything you do moving forward. You need to know:

  • What are you trying to achieve? What’s the goal?

  • How will you achieve it? What will you do?

  • How will you measure it? What defines success?

  • Who can you model? Who’s the best in the world?

  • What do we need? What assets do you need to have? 

2. The Formula

The ‘Secret Formula’ is what Russell Brunson uses to create ridiculously profitable campaigns. We use this exact formula in our business and for our clients, and you can do the same for your personal brand.

The secret formula is made up of four parts, and you need to ask yourself these questions below:

  • Who is the dream client? Who do I reaaaally want to work with?

  • Where can we find them? Where do they hang out online?

  • What will we give them? What can I offer them to grab their attention?

  • What result will we get them? What problem will I solve?

Don’t underestimate the power of this formula. When done correctly, this can explode any brand and any business online! We treat this formula like gold… because it is! 

3. The Brand

Your brand is everything. It’s why your customers love you, it’s what people think of when they say your name, and it’s what strangers think when they see you for the first time.

Creating a strong personal brand is absolutely critical to a successful business. When you create your brand, it will shine through everything you do and create a totally unique business that is impossible to replicate. There’s only one you!

The brand is not your product or service. It’s what you represent, what you stand for, your story that led you to this point to make you passionate about helping others.

It’s the reason you get up in the morning. When you create this brand, you will be crafting a message that resonates with your dream clients, and when you resonate with those clients, all the pieces start coming together! There are six key things you need to create a compelling brand:

  • Your offering and what you do.

  • Your positioning and your messaging

  • Your backstory and core values

  • How your brand looks and feels

  • Your competition, along with their strengths and weaknesses

  • Your graphics and marketing material

With these six things in place, you will have a strong physical brand.

Get inspiration from world-leading brands even if they’re not in your industry. For example you might love a clean, neat brand like Squarespace, or a fun, friendly brand like Evernote.

Decide what your brand will look like – now it’s time to get it out into the world!



The brand is not your product or service.

It's what you represent.


4. The Funnel

The Secret Formula was created to help you figure out who you want to serve, how to find them, what kind of bait you should use to attract them, and where you want to take them.

Now it’s time to bridge the gap and bring everything else together with a marketing funnel so you can start getting customers.

When you build a brand you’ll be creating and putting out a lot of content. This alone is good – but if the content is going anywhere, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.

This is why you build a sales funnel, with your super-duper-attractive bait at the very top to get the attention of your dream clients. For a kick-ass marketing funnel you’ll need:

  • Traffic sources – Will you use Facebook? Google? PR?

  • Landing Pages – To deliver your offers and your content

  • Email Sequence – An automated sequence to nurture your new leads

  • Pixels, audiences & conversions – To run and track your Facebook ads

  • Facebook ad strategy – To drive traffic to your funnel

  • Retargeting strategy – To maximise your Facebook ads

When you have all of these things in place, you’ll have an automated client acquisition system that runs on autopilot. All you need to do after that is send people to the top of the funnel with awesome content and social media! Up next… 

5. The Content & Social

Now that we have all the foundations in place, it’s time to start creating and distributing content. As you’ve seen, there’s a lot of work that happens before we start using social media, which is where lots of people go wrong.

Without a strategy and a clearly defined brand, you’re radically lowering your chances of success. Do the other steps and you’ll put in 2x the effort for 10x the reward. To create and distribute content there’s a few things you’ll need:

  • Content – what kinds of things does your dream client want to know about?

  • Platforms – what medium will you use? Blog? Video? Live streams?

  • Key channels – what social media platforms will you use?

  • Designs – create artwork for distributing visually pleasing content.


If you have these five building blocks, you will literally have a world-class brand that outperforms 95% of your competition. It does take work to set up, but if you do… you will be ahead of the pack and exploding your business. If you’d like a hand implementing all of the above, feel free to reach out any time here where we’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it. Happy branding!