8 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018


 Want to grow your business in 2018 with social media? With it's ever-changing updates, here are 8 social media trends that you need to know about in 2018 if you want to stay ahead of the pack. In no particular order, here we go... 

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1. Ad costs are going to go up.

More people are starting to get on board the social media train, it's getting more saturated and as a result the ad costs are going up to reach your customers.

Although, it could triple in price and still be worth it due to the raw value in targeting, scale etc. I love social media ads!

2018 Social Media Trends: Ad Costs Go Up

2. Messenger bots are on the rise.

This is one of the main social media trends for 2018. Messenger bots are definitely becoming more relevant and the messenger platform itself is growing massively.

In fact I spend barely any time on Facebook but heaps of time in messenger.

Ads, bots, marketing - it's all on the rise and I'm doing a lot of stuff in this space because the open rates are way better than email.

2018 Social Media Trends: Messenger Bots

3. Live streaming is going to explode.

Live streaming is already exploding but Facebook wants more of it. If you want to stand out on social media, work with the new features that platforms introduce.

For example - Facebook wants more video and more live streams, so they will prioritise that over other forms of content. It's too late not to be on video - if you want to stay ahead of the pack and grow with the 2018 social media trends instead of against them, get on this!

2018 Social Media Trends: Facebook Live Streaming

4. Engagement is really important.

Striving for genuine engagement rather than reach, with community conversations and quality over quantity.

It's now less about lead generation and more about nurturing your community to be top-of-mind and the most relevant person in your space. If you can do that, the business growth will follow - play the long game!

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2018 Social Media Trends: Engagement Matters

5. Mobile first. 

We used to be talking about how mobile made up a large chunk of your traffic, now it's easily the most dominant platform. You need to optimise your website, ads and content for mobile first.

Desktop now comes second. Web developers make it look nice on desktop but if it's not mobile optimised it's a waste of time. Learn more about our Squarespace Web Development here!

2018 Social Media Trends: Mobile First

6. Augmented and virtual reality will increase.

These two are on the rise - I don't think it will be mainstream enough for you to leverage but I think you'll see more of it from the big brands as they stay ahead of the trend (and have the budget to do so!).

2018 Social Media Trends: Virtual Reality

7. Influencer marketing has more impact. 

Influencer marketing has always been worth doing, but now with the algorithm changes that favour genuine engagement, the people with that engagement will succeed (and that's influencers).

Find authority figures in your space and offer them something in return for promotion - whether that's money, products, services, etc.

2018 Social Media Trends: Influencer Marketing

8. Content needs to be better.

There is now just so much content on the internet that to stand out, yours needs to be better. Spend more time creating quality content, and then post more of it.

The downside is that you have to be more frequent which is time consuming, but the upside is that personal, casual content works.

Good content shouldn't feel like an ad - just document your life, whip out your smartphone and provide some value. Get in the habit of doing this regularly.

2018 Social Media Trends: Content Marketing

 Those are my top 8 social media trends for 2018 that you need to be aware of! If you want to start growing your social contact me here and let's chat. If you want more detail about how to implement these trends, get my free guide below. Until next time!

MITCH HILLS @mitchills

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