10 Inspirational Brands Killing it on Instagram

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Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms for marketing, and I believe every business should be on it. With such a beautiful interface and the ability to put out awesome content, combined with millions of users and great discovery tools, it’s a no brainer. Here are 10 brands that are taking advantage of it and making their social profile POP! 

GoPro @gopro

GoPro is epic in every sense of the word, and they’re one of my favourite brands. From their incredible videos to epic action shots, they do everything right.

They showcase the product in an interesting way, they include their followers, they’re energetic, their photos are awesome and they make you want to buy a GoPro! This is a brand worth following.

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National Geographic @natgeo

Nat Geo is one of the top Instagram brands in the world with 60 million followers – and it’s no wonder why! They post incredible photos from contributors traveling anywhere from large cities to the Arctic to small African villages.

Ever heard the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? These guys define that saying.



Starbucks @starbucks

Coffee is one of the most insta-worthy items out there, and Starbucks nails it with their posts. On top of their creative and visually pleasing photos they connect with their customers, and use images of followers to make them part of the brand.

This is GREAT. If you work in hospitality, get creative and include other funky items or art mixed in with your photos to spice it up.


Ikea @ikeausa

Home goods and furniture allows for a world of beautiful posts on Instagram, and Ikea has it on lock! This is a great brand to use as inspiration for anyone in furnishing, interior design or general home products.


Ben & Jerry’s @benandjerrys

Instagram is made for beautiful things, and who doesn’t like dessert?! Food is arguably the most popular topic on the gram, and Ben & Jerry’s are the perfect account for dessert inspiration.

They know their brand, and they bring their personality into their friendly positioning. That’s a golden nugget right there – KNOW YOUR BRAND!


Converse @converse

Fashion is another sexy topic, and there’s a long list of people killing it with this on Instagram. Converse in particular does an awesome job that posts all sorts of different photos, but they are all beautiful and consistent. A great role model for anyone in fashion.


ASOS @asos

On the topic of fashion, I have to include ASOS. They post crisp, high quality photos of both their products and lifestyle photos, mixing it up with creative backgrounds and including things like dogs, milkshakes and more.

They give off a fresh, stylish and happy vibe, which is just what ASOS is like! (PS – I fricken LOVE shopping off ASOS).


Red Bull @redbull

Red Bull barely ever posts about the actual drink – and they don’t have to! Their branding is so jam packed with energy that it sells their product without even showing it.

That’s when you’ve NAILED branding! Their shots have little to do with the drink, but everything to do with its target audience. Know your audience in order to feed them what they’re looking for.


Lorna Jane @lornajaneactive

One of the best questions you can ask yourself before putting out any marketing is: ‘If my brand were a person, what would they look like?’

Lorna Jane does a great job with this – all it takes is a few seconds on their page to recognise who their customers are: young, fit, 20 – 30 year old women who want to look good and have an active lifestyle.

Their content is colourful, fun and friendly which reflects not only their products, but their brand.


Oreo @oreo

Oreo’s Instagram is bright, fun and friendly. And the same goes for their cookies. Do you see where we’re going with this article? Your Instagram needs to reflect your brand!

Oreo also does a great job of incorporating trending news and holiday seasons into their posts. Speaking of – they are notoriously famous for their NFL blackout advertisement – these guys are pros at news hacking!


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 The key takeaway from this article is to clearly know your brand, and let it shine through your Instagram (and general social media). Create a clear, consistent and inviting message for your followers, and you will be successful on Instagram. Happy posting!