10 Facebook & Instagram Updates You Should Know About


Social media is one of the fastest moving industries with updates being made on the regular. Some of these are useful, some of them are annoying - either way, keeping up with it all can be tough. Here are some key Facebook and Instagram updates you should know about. 

Facebook Update


Facebook Updates

  1. Facebook is copping some serious heat about the Cambridge Analytics privacy scandal where they violated 50 million user accounts (yikes!) and even their share price dropped nearly 5 percent in a day.

  2. As a result of the privacy issue, messenger bots are being affected as well, meaning there may be some upcoming limitations to the platform. Which sucks, because we love messenger bots. Let’s see what happens.

  3. The new (ish) algorithm that favours personal content over business or brand promotion is in full swing, and we’re starting to feel the squeeze.

    Organic posts don’t go far anymore, and you should consider boosting certain posts and aiming to create conversations within your content.

    (Want more? Read 'The New Facebook Algorithm and What it Means for Business').

  4. You can target people who are planning to travel. How cool is that? Trip consideration allows you to reach people who have expressed intent to travel but haven’t decided where to go yet. Whaaat?

Bonus Update (if this is relevant) you can now search and apply for jobs on Facebook natively within the platform.  

Instagram Updates


Instagram Updates

  1. You can now put clickable hashtags and profile links in your bio. Pretty cool! For example, if I put #masteredmarketing in my bio, people can now click that and see all my posts with that hashtag.

    This is great for branded tags - not so useful for generic ones, so keep it personalised.

  2. You can now schedule posts directly to Instagram using tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. Previously you’d schedule a post then what that time came, you’d get a notification to open it.

    Now it can do it automatically, something people have been waiting for for a very long time!

  3. Type mode for Stories. Rather than posting an image or a video you can type text and throw that up. I love this if I’m promoting a live stream or a new article that can say ‘link in my bio’. Super handy.

  4. ‘Pinch’ for Instagram Stories. Before you had to deal with the full height rectangle regardless of the original file.

    If you had a square image that baby was zoomed in all the way. Now you can pinch the screen and zoom out so you can see the whole thing.

    PS - I want to mention Instagram Story Highlights which isn't all that new, I just don't see many people leveraging it.

    Highlights allow you to save your best Instagram Stories into little playlists on your account, a great way to share and organise relevant, fun content.

  5. Instagram Shop is now available. If you use Shopify you can tag products in your Instagram posts to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. This will be cool to see this evolve!

  6. In your direct messages, you can now choose whether or not you want the message to be repeatedly or just once (Snapchat style).

    So now you can send a message, image or video that only plays once and disappears forever. This ‘keep in chat’ privacy option

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